3 keys for your Christmas table

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Still deciding how to prepare the Christmas table? The most important dates of the year are just around the corner, almost everyone has arranged their trips, their gifts, a big list of good wishes and another one of pending reunions. But not everything is ready yet.

The key moment will be the dinners, those tables serving as a meeting point for family members who finally manage to make room in the agenda, or friends who finally get a break to show up. These unique moments deserve the best experience for all guests, and an atmosphere that also feeds the Christmas spirit.

This can mean a bit of pressure about decorating or setting the table; especially if some of the guests are going to be new faces or people you want to make a good impression on.

To facilitate all this, and let your only concern become a delicious menu, we offer 3 keys to an unforgettable Christmas dining room.

1. Be careful with the centerpieces.

Centerpieces are a double-edged sword: a charming and festive complement, or a hindrance in the middle of a table where not a pin can fit. To find the balance and sweet spot there are several options, or things to consider:

The size of the table:

A large table that can comfortably fit all the dishes and everything that the guests have to move (appetizers, bread, bottles...) equally on both sides, and still be wide enough to fit a centerpiece, will be an extraordinary case to place a centerpiece on an elongated tray to accompany the evening. But this is not always the case.

On medium or small tables for more intimate evenings, the ideal is to keep the centerpiece at the time of the first appetizers, remove it during the meal, and return it to accompany the after-dinner meal.

The level of the centerpiece:

There is a limit to everything. Sometimes simplicity stands out as the greatest virtue, and at the table, this is usually the case in terms of decoration. A tray served with natural elements such as small pine cones or spruce or holly branches accompanied by scented candles or small flowers in reddish tones can be a comfortable and perfect classic. But the candles will only be lit at the table, with the idea of avoiding possible burns and unwanted accidents.


The centerpiece should avoid tall candelabras, large bouquets, or in general, pieces that because of their height may hinder the diner's vision of the person in front of him. This will hinder the general communication of the table, causing discomfort.

Christmas table, christmas table, christmas table, christmas table, christmas table, christmas table decoration, table centerpieces, table centerpieces, etiquette

Naturalness in table linen

Despite the bombardment of themed textiles by fast fashion marketing campaigns, in Dareels we insist that the basic pieces of the home should be as timeless as possible, in order to avoid the wild consumerism and having items in the house that hardly take advantage of their useful life. For this reason, we opted for an option as practical as it is aesthetic.  

A quality table linen, such as a basic tablecloth with a protector underneath for the table, or in case you want to show off the wood of the dining table, and to give the perfect space to each guest, some linen placemats.

To add a touch of color, the SHIKHA table runner in green will add a touch of classic Christmas color, without stealing the limelight from the charm of the dishes.

Let's also remember that the use of cloth napkins is more sustainable, and in keeping with a great occasion, so it's the perfect time to take advantage and get a couple of sets if you don't have them.

3. How to bypass the protocol

Table etiquette is one of the most important parts of ensuring the comfort of diners, but sometimes, you have to rethink some of these rules to see if a small change (in this case, seating) can make an evening even more special.

Say NO to the "children's table":

Christmas is a time for sharing, and these are becoming increasingly scarce. Taking advantage of the occasion to enjoy family and children is vital to strengthen ties and make up for lost time from school and work. The little ones will appreciate feeling integrated, and will learn to share the table for future occasions.

Random seating:

An interesting dynamic to generate unexpected chatter at large dinners is to avoid the "usual groups". Assigning a number to each seat and handing them out randomly can lead to a great surprise.

In Dareels we believe that these dates are to enjoy and share in the company of family, friends and loved ones, and we want our furniture to be part of such a pleasant scene.

We wish you a happy holiday season, and look forward to continuing to share the journey of decorating and sustainability together in the coming year, and beyond.