How to make the house always smell good: A guide to natural scents.

make the house always smells good, natural scents, air fresheners, home perfumes, scented candles, incense, tips

How to make the house always smell good? Arriving home is a ritual of disconnection and relaxation, and being able to breathe in an environment with a pleasant aroma makes it even more special. It is important to find the perfect scent to give the best welcome to our home and make it always smell good!

General air freshening: air fresheners and perfumes

The general ambience will be the one that will affect the aroma of the home the most. This is controlled especially by proper cleaning and the use of perfumes.

Regarding the cleaning to achieve a harmonious aroma, it is important to look for products that fit the odors they leave behind. That is why it is important to decide in advance what will be the essence of the room, and choose the cleaning and perfumed products according to this.

On the other hand, home air fresheners only have a momentary effect, so in Dareels we recommend the use of home perfumes in textiles, providing a special touch that will be subtle but lasting and will maintain a fresh and scented environment.

Key places to spray these home perfumes can range from sofas and cushions, to curtains, towels and bedding, making them perfect for any room.

Orchard: Orchard home fragrance brings a herbal and fresh touch, reminiscent of a warm walk in the garden in the shade of the trees. Ideal for lovers of nature and plant spaces, which will shine even more with its aroma.

Mediterranean: This is a home air freshener with a simple but charming scent, full of marine touches that will invite anyone to relax in the most pleasant memories. Perfect for active rooms that need to be kept lively and refreshing.

Leather: The scent of elegance, with intense notes that will give a strong personality to the space in which it is used. Inspiring and ideal for an office or living room.

Punctual ambience

The punctual setting is the one that is used specifically for specific or special situations. A good example of this could be candles during a romantic dinner, or accompanying a relaxing bath. The use of scented candles has become popular thanks to their relaxation benefits, and they have been proven to increase concentration and reduce stress. It is always a good time to create your own aromatherapy session at home.

Another good use of air freshening can be that of incense, one of the great forgotten in terms of aroma in the home, but that add great benefits such as improving blood circulation and inflammatory processes, reducing anxiety and depression, cleaning the air, or improving sleep, among others.

In short, incense and candles are ideal for those intimate moments that deserve a unique aroma, and to give ourselves a relaxing experience.

make the house always smells good, natural scents, air fresheners, home perfumes, scented candles, incense, tips

Extra tips

But that's not all we have to offer you in our brief odor guide, we also found some tricks to make the scent of your home really cared for down to the finest detail.

In the bathroom: In addition to spraying household perfume on the towels, it is recommended to spray a little more on the inside of the toilet paper roll, and to place two cotton pads soaked in perfume under the toilet paper bag. This advice also applies to kitchens.

In the kitchen: For lovers of citrus aromas, the peels of oranges, tangerines and lemons can be put to good use. In a small pot over medium heat, these can be placed in water with a few drops of essential oil, or you can add extras to the aroma with anise or cinnamon stars. The lightly scented steam will drift through the room like a warm perfume.

Other rooms: The great classic, flowers, which can be placed fresh or dried with essential oils underneath to make a nice potpourri.