Create your mindfulness space at home and enjoy it with these tips:

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The home is a place of rest for the body, and a refuge for the soul. To achieve this, we recommend a mindfulness space at home prepared for those much needed moments of relaxation. This can be done in various rooms and areas of the house, for some people it can be a reading corner by a window, a comfortable chair with a table, or even a space by the pool, but today we will talk about preparing a space to meditate.


Create a meditation space in the bedroom.

In case you have a room for exclusive use or you want to share the experience with your partner in the bedroom, creating this environment can be a great option.

On the floor: Do you have a wide, comfortable rug in the bedroom? Perfect. Pair it with some cushions and plaids, or even pull down the bedspread to find the best possible sense of warmth and comfort. To contemplate it as a daytime meditation space, take advantage of the natural lighting from the window to give yourself over to those rays of sunshine, which will undoubtedly add a plus to your experience.

If you do not have so much time, or the room is somewhat smaller, it is also useful to place a yoga mat and a couple of cushions, the point is to make a separation in space to feel a little isolation from the rest of the environment.

In bed: Not everyone likes to lie on the floor, but although it is the typical image of meditation, it is not so essential. Sitting cross-legged on the bed, accompanied by the texture of the fabrics of the bedspread, cushions and bed runner, can also become the most pleasant of sensations.

In any case, it is recommended that to prepare a relaxing environment, open the window to clean the air a while before, that the space is clean and tidy, and then proceed with the air less dense and the mind clearer.

Create a meditation space in the room:

The living room or sitting room can also become a good place to rest the mind, if prepared correctly. The most important thing in this place is to ensure that it is quiet, and that no one will interrupt the mindfulness session. If this is the case, the next thing is to make sure that it is well conditioned, tidy and fresh.

It is also important to have a relaxing background sound, as some people may find absolute silence unsettling when meditating. A playlist of instrumental relaxation music, or even ambient sounds can create the perfect harmony.

To finish arranging the space, we again recommend the position on the floor, accompanied by the cushions and textiles of the living room, such as the carpet, or a blanket.

The living room or sitting room will also be much more relaxing if it has some natural element, such as flowers.

Create a mindfulness space in the garden.

On sunny days, it is essential to take advantage of the good energy that can give us the natural warmth of our outdoor environments, so our recommendation is, if you have a garden, contemplate the idea of creating a chill out space in it. Some outdoor furniture, a couple of sun loungers and a coffee table will be enough to create a completely new space in which to enjoy the fresh air.

Mindfulness space at home, mindfullnes at home, aromatherapy, meditation, meditation in the bedroom, meditation in the living room, mindfulness in the garden, mindfulness space, mindfulness space in the garden.

Mindfulness tips:

Aromatherapy at homeAromatherapy at home: This is always one of the best complements to a session to dedicate to the relaxation of the mind. The use of scented candles and incense has been proven to help reduce stress levels and increase concentration, so it's the perfect time to light your favorite scent.

Breathing exercises: Doing exercises of holding the breath and releasing the air slowly and controlling the times is a good way to start for those who want to discover the mindfulness process from scratch.

A place in the mind: Another exercise that you can go to at any time of stress (not only in sessions) is to think of a place that conveys peace, this does not even have to be real nor does it need to have been there before, it can be a place in a book, or a country you want to visit. Closing your eyes and imagining yourself breathing peacefully in that place can help you find that much needed relaxation.

Writing a journal: Not everyone is cut out to cross their legs and try to put their mind at ease. For people looking for something more practical, writing can be a great exercise. In cases of extreme anxiety, it may even help to describe little by little every perceived detail of the real world in order to get out of intrusive thoughts, but it can also be a diary, a list of things to be grateful for, or a short story that springs to mind.

Hydrate with relaxing drinks: Valerian, or lime blossom are the great classics, but if you feel like pampering yourself in a big way, our recommendation is a good lavender latte with your favorite vegetable milk.