All you need to consider when decorating a rustic living room

Decorating a rustic living room, natural materials, style, minimalism, craftsmanship, furniture

Decorating a rustic living room can be the key to achieve a warmer and more comfortable space in the main room of the house, or even to prepare a small cozy corner in some other space to turn it into a small personal retreat.

To achieve this, the ideal is to find inspiration in those things in which we find tranquility and comfort, but if you need a small guide to identify some essential points, here you can review it.

Mixing styles

Rustic environments are casual spaces that enjoy freedom. This also means that it is not necessary to be confined to a single style, nor to be rigid. The idea is to create a space in which comfort and naturalness of those who live in it reigns. Harmony when combining styles will be key, and this can be achieved if a neutral color palette or materials are respected, finally creating a unique style with our singular variety of elements.

A commitment to warmth

A rustic living room should be a symbol of comfort, intimacy and warmth, so the elements that favor these sensations, such as warm textiles, soft lights and details designed for a relaxing moment, will be of great importance.

Choose the best materials

The materials of rustic spaces are a point of great importance, since they are the basis of the environment. The use of natural and sustainable materials accompanies the vision of love for nature, and supports a sustainable and responsible thinking with the planet. This philosophy is based on the search for handcrafted furniture made with reclaimed or recycled raw materials. The new sustainable decoration has become one of the main pillars of many designs that advocate a healthy and natural lifestyle. Natural recycled teak wood or vegetable fiber fabrics are great allies of this concept.

Decorating a rustic living room, natural materials, style, minimalism, craftsmanship, furniture

Dare with minimalism

The rustic style has evolved. When we talk about this aesthetic today, we no longer expect to find the typical old and basic village house, but a natural environment that invites you to its large space in a comfortable and relaxed way. This implies that the spaces are spacious and free of unnecessary things. A simple decoration based on essential and natural elements will favor the elimination of visual noise, and will encourage our concentration on the quality and not the quantity of things.

Rely on natural finishes and varnishes

The finishes of the pieces of our rustic living room matter. Although the classic varnishes can be very bright and attractive, over time they deteriorate and affect the natural texture of the wood, not to mention that they are usually based on chemical elements whose manufacture and application does not respect the naturalist philosophy of the spaces we are considering. That is why in Dareels we work our pieces with oil or water based finishes, in order to respect as much as possible the best qualities of our pieces, besides renouncing to chemical agents, whose manufacture fights against the sustainability we are looking for.

Appreciates the value of craftsmanship

Dareels pieces are handcrafted, through dedicated processes, to prepare the materials and recondition them for a new and long life, and to create unique pieces thanks to various techniques such as braiding, carving or pecking, among others. Each of our pieces has gone through a process full of effort and attention to detail.

Find furniture with personality

Finding the perfect furniture for a rustic living room is not easy if you look anywhere. Naturalistic design furniture is a great option to accompany this type of environment. Industrial-style straight lines or the irregular patterns of natural wood can be the perfect pattern for a living room coffee table. Another incredibly colorful alternative that will not leave anyone indifferent, will be to take as an option the furniture and accessories made of teak root or suar wood, the drawings of its veins and its whimsical shapes will become the most exclusive detail of the room.

Organize the room to invite conversation

It has been proven that spaces that face the guests lead to a greater number of conversations, thanks to the fact that by visualizing each other, conversation between people is favored. A good trick to achieve this can be to organize the living room with a sofa type chaiselongue in the corner in "L", and even expanding this with some modular armchairs. Another option can be to directly create a completely new and customized space with modules, and you can even go to the next level, a "U" formation that will be a great surprise for all your meetings with friends.