LAGRANJA X DAREELS: All the details of the first collaboration

lagranja x dareels, outdoors, nature, new collection, collection, collaboration, lamps, chairs

The LAGRANJA X DAREELS collaboration was born from the union of Dareels with the Barcelona design company Lagranja Designs, with whom they share a careful and sophisticated vision of space design.

The purpose of the collaboration is to bring the outdoors and nature to indoor spaces, allowing quality and design to detach a little from the concept of excessive sobriety that they sometimes carry with them. The pieces of the collection offer an exclusive naturalness with a sustainable mentality, thus maintaining all the values of the brand.

Even though for the selection of pieces, Dareels has slightly abandoned its star material, recycled teak wood, it has decided to continue advocating concepts as representative as the value of sustainable materials, and that of craftsmanship, since all the pieces are handmade, with most of them braided in rattan or seagrass.

lagranja x dareels, outdoors, nature, new collection, collection, collaboration, lamps, chairs

Rattan or rattan comes from the stems of different species of palm trees, giving a capacity of resistance and flexibility that make this a unique material, and ideal for braiding on surfaces that must withstand a certain weight. LAGRANJA X DAREELS chairs and armchairs promise aesthetics, naturalness and durability in equal parts, thanks to its design and material study.

Seagrass, on the other hand, is a plant derived from river algae, which is why it is also known as river grass. Its cultivation is highly sustainable and fast processing, so it has little environmental impact. This material undergoes a natural drying process that gives it a rich and colorful texture, as well as preserving a degree of flexibility that is perfect for braiding. This makes it an ideal material for the entire range of lamps in the collection.

This choice of materials is a statement of intent, demonstrating that continuing in its line in defense of sustainability is compatible with continuing to innovate and offering new pieces that respect its own essence.

Lagranja x Dareels: A natural collection to renew concepts

One of the strong points of the proposal is that it offers a new vision for concepts that were already considered a bit closed. An indoor relaxation space, with a selection of colorful plants, can now have an extra touch of exoticism with the VIKARA armchair, and a composition of GOLF lamps, thus bringing a new fresh, casual and original air.

But the proposal presented is not only designed for home environments, as they can also be perfect elements for contract spaces, thanks, for example, to the comfort of its chairs, which also have a stackable model, designed for those more dynamic and active environments.

The nature-inspired pieces also take the concept of glamping to another level, one that does not clash with its own image, but that undoubtedly now has great quality and perfect designs for these activities.

The range of lights offered by the GOLF lamps, inspired by the clubs that give it its name, is perfect for active and daytime atmospheres; its natural light colors and without dyes, invite you to enjoy a warm and inspiring atmosphere, while at darker hours, it will bring a special intimacy to those corners that enjoy its compositions.

With different sizes and heights, GOLF lamps are perfect pieces to create compositions, both with its series of suspension lamps and floor lamps, allowing a correct general, ambient and punctual lighting, as required.

In short, the collection they are launching presents the most basic essentials to renovate spaces completely and almost from scratch, and they promise continuations of the collaboration with more pieces, which will be announced later.

lagranja x dareels, outdoors, nature, new collection, collection, collaboration, lamps, chairs