Our natural woods, what woods do we use and where do they come from?

teak wood

From the beginning, every single piece of Dareels furniture has been conceived, designed and manufactured under one single condition: respect and care for nature throughout the entire process.

Teak Wood the star of Dareels

Although there are different types of natural wood, recycled teak wood is our main ally, as we use it to manufacture almost 80% of our products.

Teak is a tropical wood, one of the most valued by producers and consumers due to its great strength, durability and natural beauty.

Native to Southeast Asia, teak has an antiseptic resin that protects it from attack by fungi, termites and other organisms. It is also highly resistant to water and humidity thanks to its natural oil, preventing cracks and splits.

Like wine, teak ages well. Over the years, its appearance improves, although it is important to know that its natural colour can also be preserved with environmentally friendly treatments.

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The way

Most of our products are manufactured in our workshops in Java, Indonesia. It is from old disused buildings in this location that we recover the teak.

Once recovered, we treat the teak using a delicate manual process, without environmentally harmful chemicals. Our expert craftsmen treat each piece of teak in a unique way, removing nails and paint, giving it a second life.

Once the first contact has been made and also by hand, each piece is worked on to begin to give it its final shape, taking care to respect the original textures and colours of the wood.

From this process we ensure that we reduce our ecological footprint and avoid cutting down trees.


The common thread running through each of our designs is sustainability. Each of our manufacturing processes is specially designed to respect as much as possible our premise of caring for the planet, creating an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

We believe in craftsmanship and in the perfection of the imperfect. Back to the origin and coexist with nature.

The result

Our designs have a timeless and conscious spirit. Aesthetics and uniqueness go hand in hand, creating unique, simple pieces that are in tune with their surroundings.

We create atmospheres. Spaces that invite us to enjoy and relax, reinventing the environment in which we live.

We see our furniture as a reflection of the world we want to build. Natural, strong and sustainable.