What is recycled or reclaimed wood?

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Dareels advocates that decoration and interior design are not incompatible with sustainability, which is why recycled or reclaimed wood is one of the key elements of the brand's furniture.

Although we also use the word recycled, in the case of the wood of the brand's products, these are actually recovered pieces, since they are raw materials that are extracted and prepared to be reintroduced into the production cycle.

Thus, recycled wood is wood that is reused directly, without any treatment that returns it to its original state, and reclaimed wood is wood that is recovered through treatment and work to achieve its initial qualities and natural finish, to be reintroduced into the production phase as raw material.

The fact that the pieces of wood with which we work are recovered, does not imply any type of quality problem, because teak wood has a composition resistant to the years, allowing the manufacture of timeless furniture, both in terms of design and material durability.

Where Dareels furniture wood is recycled

The wood in Dareels furniture falls into what is called the circular economy, as it is a material recovered directly from disused buildings in Java, Indonesia.

Java is an Indonesian island near Bali whose main material of manufacture has always been teak wood, as they have large teak farms in the area. Now, those buildings that have been abandoned and whose functions are no longer fulfilled, present the perfect opportunity to reuse their old materials without the need to exploit the wood of living trees.

The place where the wood is finally recycled, are the workshops and factories where the pieces such as planks, beams, etc., are worked by carpenters and craftsmen to look like materials just taken from the farm. This is why decorating with recycled wood from Dareels furniture not only implies a sustainable action, but also a great support to artisan work.

recycled or reclaimed wood,recycled wood, reclaimed wood, decorate with recycled wood, dareels, sustainable wood, reclaimed wood furniture, recycled wood furniture

What is the impact of wood recovery on the environment?

Wood recycling and the environment have a strong connection. Today we live in a society that suffers from savage capitalism, where items are mass-produced in the expectation that in a few years they will break, or their use will end, in exchange for a low cost.

The cost of short-term products also ends up rising due to inflation, unsustainability and economic problems.

 This also occurs in the world of decoration, and implies a level of forest exploitation that is unsustainable for the planet, and which has been destroying the lungs of the planet, such as the Amazon, for many years.

In a terrible domino effect, this leads to climate change evolving faster, the global temperature rising, the poles melting, the air getting cleaner, and all of this affecting the quality of life of all species on the planet, including humans.

Dareels argues that decorating with recycled wood is a statement of intent, but it is also thinking about the future, both for the planet and for the home, because the furniture and the pieces he works with are made to last for years and even generations if they are well maintained.

Recovering wood helps to curb logging, reduce CO2, raise environmental awareness, and creates a vision that the life of objects can start from scratch as quality raw materials, applicable to a resistant and aesthetic design. This is the sustainable thinking needed for the future.