What is visual noise and how to eliminate it at home?

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It has happened to everyone that they have spent hours tidying a room, and yet they still don't see it tidy. This may be due to visual noise.

What is visual noise?

Visual noise are those elements that clash with the harmony and style of a room, resulting annoying or disturbing. It usually occurs in objects that display large logos or colorful labels, and sometimes in decorative objects that serve the opposite function.

How to eliminate visual noise at home?

It is best to first categorize the elements that produce this visual noise at home, and locate in which rooms each of them are usually found. Then, proceed to look for alternatives, and finally, make that big change in search of peace of mind at home.

The types of objects that produce visual noise will be separated into: tourist souvenirs, consumer products, unnecessary plastics, conspicuous labels, and "anti-decoration" objects.

Eliminate visual noise in the kitchen

Probably the place where this phenomenon can be detected the most, and where it is easiest to remedy. How many cups are there? How many different models? These questions are often a good visual noise detector. It is understandable to have a special affection for a particular mug if it was a gift, but it is not an excuse to turn the kitchenware into a collection of strange and colorful mugs that are not going to be offered to a guest who wants to drink coffee.

The ideal is to choose one of these mugs for each person living in the home, and the rest should be replaced by a unified collection with a style that fits with the rest of the kitchenware and kitchen. Glass and neutral colors are always a good choice.

The same goes for the rest of the dinnerware. A touch of color on the plates is fine, but only if it complements the rest of the collection. If you are concerned about this when decorating a more cheerful table, such as a summer table, here is your solution.

In general, this process must be repeated with everything that involves a group of objects: glasses, cutlery, napkins...

Although we have already solved one of the most complicated parts of this task, it is still easy to find visual noise in the kitchen space, because everything is full of labels of all colors, sizes, drawings and letters. 

And we must put an end to that.

Bulk is your friend: Buying products in bulk is not only a more environmentally friendly alternative, but by reducing the use of plastics, labels and visual noise go with them. 

Instead of having a pantry full of colorful packages, it is much more aesthetically pleasing to store bulk products in airtight glass jars, and the same goes for spices. 

In this way, the kitchen will have a more uniform look and will respect the color palette chosen for its decoration.

Another problem in the kitchen can be that the dish soap is left in plain sight. A dispenser in the style of the rest of the kitchen will provide a quick solution, or convert one of the drawers into a space for everyday cleaning products.

what is visual noise, eliminate visual noise, eliminate visual noise in the kitchen, eliminate visual noise in the living room, eliminate visual noise from the bathroom, aesthetics

Eliminate visual noise in the living room

The living room is not usually the big problem for visual noise elements, but there can be certain items that clutter up the room. One of these can be the remote, or the various controls in the house, which tend to accumulate on the coffee table or drift across the sofa. 

For this reason, it is important to leave a support or a fixed place for these items, preferably a decorative box or basket, which attracts much less attention and matches the style of the rest of the room.

Books can also become an unnecessary distraction in some places, especially if they look cluttered. But there are several alternatives to make their order more aesthetically pleasing. 

The first would be to try to arrange them by chromatic scale, making original combinations with their colors to provide a decorative air if it is a cheerful environment. 

For more sober environments or neutral color palettes, you can consider the idea of storing them with the spine upside down, in which case it would be recommended that they also have an alphabetical order to make it easier to differentiate them.

The other factor that often affects the visual noise of a room is the unnecessary accumulation of decorative objects and photographs. 

It is preferable to make a selection of photographs and place them in frames on the wall, and change them from time to time, rather than having so many that it is impossible to look at any one in particular. The same goes for decorative elements such as candles, statuettes or flowers. Less is more.

Eliminate visual noise in the bathroom

The bathroom should be an orderly place, especially to facilitate cleaning tasks, which is why it is recommended to have specific spaces for personal care products, avoiding leaving them on the countertop. 

Chests of drawers, trolleys and shelves are great allies for this task. Another idea that helps is the elimination of plastic products: replacing plastic toothbrushes with bamboo ones, and toothpaste tubes with single-dose solidified toothpaste, may seem like big steps, but once they start to become part of the routine, it's the former that becomes strange. 

As always, the best recommendation is that the bathroom textiles belong to the same collection, and that if one is changed, they should all be changed, in order to maintain harmony.

You can also change the typical packaging of brands and supermarkets for others that fit the style, including here from the mouthwash bottle to shampoo, gel or mask.

Eliminate visual noise from the workspace

Teleworking is an activity that has become increasingly important in recent years, but concentration may be affected if the workspace that has been set up at home has visual noise problems.

One of the first keys is simple: The table must be clear. The computer, a notebook, a pen and little else. Since it is a home office, there are elements that can be dispensed with, such as the typical photo or the reminder of the last vacation. It is a space to focus.

On the wall that occupies the home office you can place an organizer grid, a cork board or a blackboard, but it is important to respect its functionality for the work to which it will be dedicated, there is little point in having work tools if they will be wasted in accumulating things that are not going to serve.

Paperwork also becomes visual noise. If notes are taken, they should be cleaned up, and the first ones should be discarded right away, as well as obsolete documents that should not be archived. Accumulating paperwork just for the sake of it, in the end only delays the rest of the tasks that need to be done.

Finally, once again remember the basics: that all elements follow the same aesthetics, from the pen to the mouse pad, avoiding flashy decorations, logos, etc.

what is visual noise, eliminate visual noise, eliminate visual noise in the kitchen, eliminate visual noise in the living room, eliminate visual noise from the bathroom, aesthetics