Kinfolk: The key to natural decoration

Kinfolk goes beyond giving a change of face to the environment. It invites to live in a more sustainable way, caring and connecting with nature. This trend is about going back to the origins, to the natural. To rediscover and rewrite the environment.

What is kinfolk?

The kinfolk style originated in the United States and its main inspiration comes from the Amish community, famous for their austere way of life, far from any kind of technology. The idea of a simple life and connection with nature is adopted by interior designers who choose this way of creating (and recreating) spaces.

What is the Kinfolk style like?

The desire to lead a more natural lifestyle is perfectly represented by this trend that has made its way into the world of decoration and interior design.  

The Kinfolk style has established itself as a way of life, transcending fads and fashions.

Simple lines, recycled materials, natural fabrics such as linen and the strong presence of plants in different corners result in modern, bohemian and cozy environments, which claim a genuine and relaxed way of life.

It is a fusion of designs, styles and aesthetics among which we can find incredible combinations between rustic, vintage, industrial and Nordic, among others, turning each of the rooms into unique spaces.

This characteristic eclecticism allows playing with different elements to create original environments with personality.

Although it is a style that embraces simplicity, it does not necessarily bring a sense of emptiness, but rather allows you to take full advantage of natural light, creating warm and welcoming spaces, loaded with textures and unique pieces that celebrate life.


The kinfolk embraces a consistent and active sustainability: the total reduction of plastic elements calls for the use of glass packaging, which, in addition to allowing its prolonged use and facilitating its proper cleaning, offers an extra aesthetic value to the compositions of some spaces.

Similarly, the use of other everyday items made of plastic or unsustainable materials could break the set, in addition to offering lower quality. Wooden utensils usually become an easy option to execute, since in the current market there is a great offer in these, from pieces for the kitchen, to the daily toilet.

It also gives back that added value to the handmade, to home customization, and to a food away from processed food.

Dareels & Kinfolk

At Dareels, sustainability is not just the result: it is the beginning and the way forward. And it is the search for a return to the origins that brings this style closer.

Much of Dareels' furniture is made in Java, Indonesia, because that is where the main material, recycled teak, is sourced.

This material is recovered from old buildings in disuse and expert craftsmen treat it in a completely manual way.

An elaborate and complex recycling process is followed, removing every single nail and paint without environmentally harmful chemicals, reducing the ecological footprint in its development to a minimum.

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Once the recovery process has been completed, each piece is worked on to give it its final shape, respecting and caring for the original colour and textures, giving it a second life in the form of exclusive designs full of history.

In this creation process, exclusivity and uniqueness are explored. All are timeless, durable and unique designs, seeking simplicity to reinvent the natural environment.

When it comes to creating kinfolk style spaces with natural decoration, 100% linen fabrics and our furniture are the protagonists.