5 steps to refresh a room and turn it into a relaxing space

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The importance of knowing how to refresh a room, and decorating a space that defines and embraces at night, shows in how your guests wake up the next morning.

The master bedroom of a home is the most important place for rest, stress relief, and personal expression for those who occupy it. In the warmer months, the heat adds to the difficulty of being able to keep the room comfortable, cool and clean, with the extras of dust and sweat that can be brought in from outside the room.

1. Take care of the lighting

From the bedroom lighting, to the choice of textile and furniture tones, color is an essential key to creating a relaxed and fresh atmosphere.

A room dedicated to rest will always be more profitable if it is located in a space oriented with preference to natural light, but it is also important to dress the windows and large windows so that an excess of light does not enter in those early hours of the day that are still dedicated to sleep.

A thick blind or set of curtains will be the most aesthetically pleasing option to block out the flood of morning light, in combination with thin curtains in light neutrals or white to simply appease it when an efficient but moderate amount of light is required.

For the hours when the sun begins to give some respite, a good support lighting will create a more intimate atmosphere, perfect for reading, meditating, or simply relaxing.

To avoid the stress of visual overload, the best option is to look for simple designs, neutral and natural colors, and simple solutions: some candles for relaxing moments, some night lamps for the bedside tables and desk, and a floor lamp for that extra space.
As main lighting, a Tet Osi lamp will bring style and naturalness, creating harmony with the rest of the elements.

When deciding whether to opt for white or warm lights, the most comfortable selection will be a slightly warm, with good intensity for the main light, and bulbs with more orange and dimmer light for the complementary lamps.

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2. Pay attention to textures and colors

Palettes of light and natural tones, will allow for a personal touch, in which it would be advisable to look for references to places that attract the sense of peace that you want to bring to the bedroom.
Light blue and gray tones can remind you of the sea, or a longed-for fishing village, while an interesting choice of plants and a palette of neutral browns and earthy tones will bring the nature of the mountains into the space you are preparing.

It is important to understand that the association of colors and relaxation is always through light, natural and soft tones, so it is recommended to avoid excessively flashy shades or colors that are difficult to find in nature.

Textiles are an essential part of the bedroom, and can change a room completely without the need to make any alteration other than moving the linen on a bed. This condition is not only based on color, but also depends largely on the textures of the textiles chosen.

How to refresh a room

To maintain freshness in the bedroom, fine, soft and easy to combine fabrics are recommended, linen being a good choice; and on the other hand, synthetic or real fur, feathers and wool should be avoided.

If you want to combine a cool room with a carpet on which you can take off your shoes without gaining thermal sensation, a good solution is to replace the previous one with a summer carpet, made of natural fibers, either bamboo, rattan or others.

Maintain a stable temperature

An essential step to have a cool room, is to know how to keep the temperature light without reaching a point of cold that can become uncomfortable, and if possible that does not mean a big difference with the rest of the house. In this way, it will be possible to avoid sudden changes in temperature, which, apart from being uncomfortable, can facilitate various types of discomfort.

One of the most common ways to achieve this, is to resort to air conditioners, but although their use is recommended, this must be responsible.


how to refresh a relaxing room

Some indications for its correct use would be:

  •  Apply the timer function at night.
  •  Look for a stable temperature to keep it active, and avoid on-off sessions, around 26 degrees.
  •  Reduce the start-up time as much as possible.

In addition, this can be combined with other useful tips, such as finding a way to generate cross ventilation, which will also serve to renew the air in the room.

4. Demanding cleaning

Being demanding with the cleanliness of the spaces is always a must, and even more so in the case of the bedroom, which works with its own times, depending on each element of its composition.

The set of sheets, for example, is recommended to be changed on an average of once a week, although depending on the lifestyle that accompanies the room, a shorter time between changes will be advised.

This will prevent excessive exchange of bacteria and microorganisms, which can damage the condition of hair and skin. It is important to remember that bed textiles are in direct contact with the skin sensitivity of the face for a long time.

How to refresh a room

Furniture dust begins to settle after the first week, so it is recommended that dusting of furniture and surfaces be done approximately every week and a half, and every week if you live with someone who suffers from dust-related allergies.

This process can be carried out with chemical-free products, to ensure that the home is cared for as well as the planet, while avoiding harmful components.

5. Choose a pleasant fragrance

For hot days, a soft fragrance, with citrus and fennel tones that transport you to the Mediterranean, can be ideal, making you forget the suffocation, and harmonizing with the naturalness of the rest of the space.
Another refreshing choice can be an orchard scent, including tomato and fig trees, bringing a touch of freshness and open air that takes the senses through a garden of scents.

The best ways to scent a room and maintain a light atmosphere can be a few mikados on some of the surfaces, a little incense at a specific moment, and applying a little of our favorite fragrance on the bed linens and curtains.

Extra. Use of natural material

The use of natural and sustainable materials for our home will help the environment to be perceived in a calmer way, while providing interesting and stimulating textures without overloading the decoration. Wood, rattan and bamboo can be great allies.