Sustainable gift ideas for everyone

Sustainable gifts, gifts for everyone, gift furniture, gift decorative items, gift home perfumes, gift incense, recycled wood furniture, handcrafted items

Sustainable gifts are a new approach when it comes to having a small detail, or a great gesture, whether it is a Christmas gift, or any other special occasion. Giving a gift of sustainability is more than just giving an object to another person, it is allowing them to start a new experience, without taking away the future of the planet.

One of the best Christmas gift ideas is handmade; if you are not a crafty enough person to knit a scarf or something warm, when you buy the gift, the fact that it is handmade will still add that unique and personal touch.

All Dareels pieces are works of craftsmanship, which have been recovered, treated, assembled and sewn or braided by hand, each process has taken effort and attention to detail that brings out the best qualities of each piece.

Giving a piece of furniture as a gift

Giving a big gift is not easy, it is usually something particular for very special occasions, and one of them can be a Epiphany gift at the beginning of the year to celebrate a new beginning after a move, or simply a big gesture that you are sure will be more than well received.

The essential thing if you consider giving furniture as a gift, is to agree with the person to whom you are going to give it, it does not matter if it is not an absolute surprise, what matters is the intention, and agreeing on the piece together will ensure that nothing fails. Surprise or not, gifting a high quality piece of furniture means giving a gift for a lifetime, one that will accompany that person in many of their next great moments. The gesture will never be forgotten.

In these cases, the pieces that are most recommended for gifts may be dining tables, bedroom accessories, or a closet or dresser. Since they are essential pieces for daily use that are usually bought in the first instance as "temporary items" until they are changed later, so the person being gifted would be spared this step, while getting a unique, handcrafted piece that will last for generations.

Sustainable gifts, gifts for everyone, gift furniture, gift decoration items, gift home perfumes, gift incense, recycled wood furniture, handcrafted items, bottle rack

Renewing the classic: Another of our suggestions when it comes to giving a piece of furniture, is to take advantage of the festive tone of the gift to choose a wine rack that will also accompany future celebrations. It is the moment to uncork a good wine, and to use it for the first time.

Giving decorative items as gifts:

If you prefer to keep it a surprise, other Christmas gift ideas can be decorative items. Knowing the person and what style they like and fits their home will make it easier, but there are always wild cards that never fail.

Textiles: A quality bedspread, a sofa topper and even some beautifully designed cushion covers can become the perfect detail.

Accessories: This is the simplest and most varied resource, where some taste will fit for sure, from table lamps to vases or rugs. Surely there is some incomplete corner and you can find the piece that is missing.

Home fragrances as a gift

New from Dareels, we have entered the world of scents through three new experiences in the form of scents: ORCHARD, MEDITERRANEAN and LEATHER, each presented in three different formats, and allowing the creation of sets with many possible combinations.

Every scent and perfume finds its moment, and every scented item, too. From candles for the most intimate moments to home perfumes for the day to day, and incense for those moments of relaxation that remain. Each scent defines a moment and a place, and giving a quality and sustainably manufactured scent as a gift can be the great detail you were looking for.

Finally, from Dareels we want to remember that the real value of things is given with the time we dedicate to them, the best Christmas or Epiphany gift will always be the unforgettable moments with the family, and make the effort to get together with loved ones and enjoy together.

Sustainable gifts, gifts for everyone, gift furniture, gift decorative items, gift home perfumes, gift incense, recycled wood furniture, handcrafted items