What types of decorative lamps there are, and how to choose the most suitable for each space

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Lighting a room is much more than just illuminating it. That is why there are different types of lamps, since each of them is prepared to meet the different needs of each room.

By properly illuminating a space, the essence of the space is reflected, while providing a pleasant atmosphere that invites you to stay and fulfill the perfect activity for that place. This is why a reading corner will not have the same lighting as a kitchen or a chill out space. But how can you choose the ideal lamp?

For this it is essential to understand that lighting must be studied carefully, by following a good lighting advice guide, for example, you will find many ways to save time, effort and money.

Floor lamps

Floor lamps are those that have a sufficient height so that they don't need a surface on which to lean to lighten the room, usually thanks to a support.

These lamps can be ideal for reading corners, to bring an intimate light to a sofa, or to illuminate the corner of a dining room.Depending on the placement and the temperature of the light, a floor lamp can serve both as a general illumination focus, as an ambient lamp, or for punctual illumination.

Table lamps

A table lamp is ideal for illuminating surfaces such as tables, shelves, chests of drawers... they add a touch of sophistication, and also, if they are aesthetically pleasing, they can be seen as a decorative object even when they are turned off.

This is the case, for example, of the TRUNK table lamps, whose firm support made out of branches is an attractive reminder of nature, while at the same time, thanks to its light cotton shade, it offers all the light you may need. The table lamps are perfect for bedside tables, desks, hallways and side tables.

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Hanging lamps

Within the ceiling lamps there are many types, but undoubtedly the favorite in Dareels, are the hanging lamps. These pieces usually have very attractive shapes, and are made of quality materials, either rigid, such as copper or wood, or flexible and casual, such as seagrass and rattan.

Ceiling lamps are usually the main protagonists in any room. Because of their high and centered position, they are usually the main source of illumination.

Even if a warm shade of light is preferred, the main lamp is usually one or more shades less than the ambient lamps, since part of the mission of the latter is to provide an extra load of color.

But ceiling lights offer much more than a stable light source.

Pendant lamps are perfect to differentiate heights, focus a specific light in particular places, such as a kitchen island, a reading chair ... and can also function perfectly as mood lighting. In addition, depending on the height at which they are placed, they can provide a certain degree of intimacy.

Outdoor lamps

Outdoor environments also deserve a careful lighting. Also, these spaces, being usually dynamic, offer many possibilities that are difficult to contemplate indoors, such as garland lights, or other interesting and exotic options such as torches or lanterns.

In cases such as chill out spaces, if they are roofed, hanging lamps will provide a unique touch, and some tabletop can be charming.

But it is important to keep in mind that for outdoors it is always necessary the specific use of outdoor lamps, because they could deteriorate due to the weather, or cause some other complication.

Extra: Candlelighting

Another alternative if you need ambient light sources that are easy to move or for temporary use, a good option is to have candles, which can also provide an extra if they are aromatic.

They are the perfect accompaniment to a good bath or skincare session, and a nice touch for a romantic dinner.

Candles are an element that implies a deep intimacy, and accompanied by exquisite accessories, they are the perfect complement to the coziest space.