5 Ideas and tips for a more sustainable Christmas room:

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Christmas is an invitation to decorate a Christmas living room, letting people get inspired by the winter theme, looking for lights, ornaments, fragrances and accessories that bring warmth. One of the biggest mistakes in Christmas decorating is usually the overload, or the use of too artificial and flashy elements, which break with the initial style of the room, taking away its personality, and turning it into another Christmas bazaar-room.

From Dareels we offer some recommendations to prevent this from happening, while supporting our #KEEPNATURAL philosophy for a more sustainable and aesthetic Christmas.

Sustainable and careful Christmas lighting

In other previous articles we have talked about decorating with lights and types of lamps, and Christmas lights, still fall into this category. They are ambient lighting bulbs, so overloading the spaces with these, will make the attention of the room will not go anywhere. It is best to focus on the essential: the tree. If you decide to place a Nativity Scene in the living room, it is best to keep it as simple as possible, without garlands or lights, and preferably in a controlled size.

It is recommended that to maintain the warmth of the room, the lights are all warm tone and a subtle intensity, and avoiding the garlands that run on batteries or are not LED, as they will consume more and generate terrible waste for the planet.

Natural Christmas decorations

One of the great advantages of Christmas decoration is that the use of natural elements can elevate it to a precious and unexpected level. Taking a walk in the countryside or in the woods can be the ideal occasion to collect some pine cones and branches to prepare ornaments to hang on the tree, wreaths and centerpieces. If your living room has a natural aesthetic, the seasonal decoration should follow the same line: wooden ornaments, natural textiles and neutral color palettes.

Christmas scents: Candles, diffusers and incense

Even if cinnamon, ginger and cookies smell like Christmas, sometimes it's better to go off the beaten path and add a personal touch. Our crisp Christmas mornings smell of ORCHARD, and our celebratory evenings of LEATHER. Trying new scents that are out of the mold, but that go along with the events will mark a great personality and style. Plus, our collection of scented candles is made from vegan soy and coconut wax, and, like our home air fresheners, their containers are reusable.

You can also venture with incense, a classic of these dates, with our proposals of collection of aromas, and an extra quality, thanks to the fact that they are handcrafted sticks, imported directly from Japan. 

christmas living room, christmas decoration, christmas scents, sustainable christmas decoration, sustainable christmas lighting, home air freshener

Natural textiles for winter

Textiles are sometimes the great forgotten of Christmas decoration. It is not enough to load the living room with blankets without rhyme or reason, sometimes it is much simpler. A few linen cushion covers, a sofa topper and some plaids next to the fireplace area, can create the perfect corner to enjoy a winter evening in the best company.

Of course, the great classic that cannot be missed is the rug. A high quality piece that is fluffy and colorful, such as the MAINA rug, made of wool and with a textured proposal in waves that invites absolute comfort.

The essentials: your Christmas living room from scratch

If what you are considering is to create your Christmas space from scratch, you are not too late. Our recommendation is to set it up your way with the Chopin modular sofa, adapting it to your space and way of life, and accompany it with some coffee tables that bring that warmth you are looking for your home.

The use of recycled materials in the decoration of your home will mark a before and after in your vision of interior design, increasing your level of demand in quality. Remember that even on dates like these, when excessive consumerism is encouraged, less is more.  

If you are still hungry for more, we also present our proposal for a Christmas dining room: Smells like Christmas.